Dashcam gives you the ability to attach a webcam to your smartphone or tablet.
It features :

  • viewing webcam video uncompressed or as Motion Jpeg stream
  • recording in mp4 or MotionJpeg
  • taking pictures
  • different resolutions 320×240 up to 1920×1280
  • fullscreen mode










Supported Devices

The following list is not guaranteed to be free of errors.
If you have an objection to an entry please write a mail to droidperception.

Rooting is usually required for devices with Android 4.4 and above. 

Devices that are known to work

  • Acer Iconia A211
  • Acer Iconia Tab (A210)
  • Acer Iconia Tab (A501)
  • Acer Iconia Tab A511
  • Amlogic AML8726-MX
  • Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101G
  • Asus MeMO Pad Smart ME301T
  • Asus Portable AiO P1801-T
  • Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T
  • Asus Transformer Pad TF300
  • Barnes & Noble Nook HD
  • Chili Green E-Board HT400
  • Cooper Android SmartTV Dongle RK30MTK
  • Csq CS968
  • Enybox Oem MK808B
  • Fujitsu Arrows V F-04E
  • Fujitsu Arrows X F-10D
  • Gemini GEM7007
  • Generic MK809III
  • Geniatech MX Enjoy TV BOX
  • Goclever terra 7ol
  • Google MK808
  • HTC One X
  • HTC Wildfire S
  • Haier TVSC
  • Hannspree HSG 1279
  • Hisense Sero 7 Pro 7 M470BSA
  • Huawei MediaPad
  • I.onik TP7-1000DC light
  • Infotmic PX0752
  • Irbis TD72
  • Kiano CORE 10.1 DUAL 3G
  • Konka Android TV on Konka 6369(Asia Pacific)
  • LG G2 AT&T (D800)
  • LG D801
  • LG G Pad 8.3 V500
  • LG G2 D802
  • LG Nexus 5
  • LG Optimus G Pro F240L
  • Lenovo IdeaPad A10
  • Lenovo IdeaTab A1010/A1020
  • Lenovo IdeaTabA2109A
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet
  • Malata SMBA1002
  • Medion LIFETAB E10310
  • Medion LIFETAB E10312
  • Medion LifeTab E7312
  • Minix NEO-X5-MINI
  • Minix NEO-X7-216A
  • Minix Neo X5-116A
  • Motorola DROID MINI XT1030
  • Motorola V8
  • NVIDIA Tegra Note P1640
  • Notion Ink Adam Tablet
  • Oysters T37
  • Pantech Vega R3
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon msm8960
  • Rikomagic MK802IIIS
  • Rikomagic RKM MK802IV
  • Samsung GALAXY NOTE 3 4G LTE N900K
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9002
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE SM-N900A
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9006
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V
  • Samsung Galaxy Note3(T-Mobile) SM-N900T
  • Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 (Sprint) Black
  • Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE (SHV-E120)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active GT-I9295
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi Only (GT-P7310)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7501
  • Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE
  • Samsung SGH-I337
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Sony Xperia M C1904
  • Storex eZee’Tab 805
  • Toshiba AT300
  • Tronsmart Mk908II
  • Tronsmart CX-919
  • Tronsmart MK908
  • Tronsmart T428
  • ViewSonic ViewPad 10s
  • Vivax TPC-7151
  • Wexler TAB-7T
  • Xiaomi Mi 1sc
  • Yarvik Xenta-TAB07-210
  • ZTE Grand Era

Devices that may require a custom ROM

The ROM must have these options enabled:


  • Acer Iconia Tab (A200)
  • Acer Iconia Tab (A500)
  • Asus Google Nexus 7
  • Cube U30GT-H
  • Motorola XOOM 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • SoftwinerEvb SoftwinerEvb
  • Toshiba Thrive AT100

18 responses to “Dashcam

  1. hello .
    the app doesn’t work with rooted N7 (4.2.2) wifi . tried logitec and genius webcams that . any ideas ? maybe simplewebcam ?

    • The first version of the Nexus 7 definitely works. Nexus 7 2013 doesn’t unfortunately, at least not out of the box. There are many more that work out of the box, with root or with a custom rom. Given the endless amount of tablet, smartphone, android version and webcam combinations it is difficult to give a definite list. I started collecting some test data that I will put up soon with a few common devices.

      • I just asked because I want to buy SGS2 for making multimedia system for car (navi + dashcam). I will be grateful if somebody tell me if there is an opportunity to use sgs2 on custom soft with any camera 🙂

      • The GT- I9100 aka Samsungs Galaxy S2 doesn’t work out of the box because the mandatory UVC driver is not in the stock kernel but if you use a custom ROM with UVC driver it should work.

  2. Utilizing Samsung Note 3 on Android 4.3 – CleanROM 1.5. If a camera is unattached, the app appears to load fine. If the app is started with my camera plugged in. The phone locks up with a grey screen and the only solution at this point is to hard reset the phone.

    Any ideas?

    Camera: http://www.amazon.com/First-Meters-Endoscope-Borescope-Camera/dp/B00EQNCMTY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1396371122&sr=8-4&keywords=usb+endoscope

    The camera populates in the system as /dev/video4


    • It is usually one of 2 things: Webcam drawing to much power as soon as it is powered up when Dashcam opens -> Try a powered hub between the Tablet and camera.
      Or it is a software issue which can be caused by either the kernel driver, unsupported features / weird behavior of the webcam or a bug in the app. Regretably it is usually impossible to figure out the reason without spending a few hours with the actual hardware.

      • Sounds good, thanks. I’ll try a powered hub when I get around to playing with this again.

        As an aside, is it normal for my /dev directory to be populated with this many videox files? I am very unfamilar with this style OS and so this is all uncharted water for me.

        /dev/video4 *this is what the webcam installs as

      • It is rather common to have a few video devices under /dev. Obviously not all of these are webcams. Some are just parts of the same camera mounted as an extra device, some are there to control a certain behavior of the camera. Especially cameras with a postfix above 10 or even 100 are usually just controls for the internal camera.

  3. Unless the software allows the user to select the device or is able to identify the camera specifically, its going to be hit or miss… since I don’t know a lot about JAVA programming would it make sense to parse the dmesg and identify the UVC device that way – then set the permissions and the /dev/videoXX after that?

    • Hi,

      Dashcam is actually parsing different files to find out what is an attached USB cam and what isn’t and only then tries to change the permissions of a device node if that is required.

  4. Hi, I’ve managed to get my Logitech c905 to work with my N7 2013 wifi with just a simple OTG connection but…
    1. I can’t find the file on the N7 with the recording. Is it recording?
    2. Is there an OTG that will power the N7 while the webcam is connected?

    • Solved the 1st one. Windows Explorer can’t see the directory but the Android file manager can.

  5. Excuse me,May I have DASHCAM source code available?
    Just for scholarship research,Please!!!!!

  6. Hey, i have a MOTO G3, and i put my webcam conected in to the smartphone, but i receive a note “device has no UVC driver”, if i rooting my phone or use a custom ROM, can i open my webcam? I know that my phone can do this because another app opened my webcam. Why the both apps can’t open? And if i have to use a custume ROM, how can i do? U have some tutorial to help me, please? Sorry, i just know the basic of java.

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