Dashcam beta – updated

The new version of Dashcam is now released as open beta.
This is an improved version over the version that is currently in the Android market.
When this beta is stable enough it will be move to the official Android Market.

Get it here: Dashcam-Beta

Update: 1st Dec.

  • fixed bugs
  • added video recording for MJPG mode

Update: 3rd Dec.

  • fixed bugs

What are the features:

  • No more Root required
  • No UVC Kernel Driver required
  • All Resolutions the Camera supports
  • Motion Jpeg mode (MJPG)
  • Video Recording (MJPG)
  • Raw image mode (YUYV)
  • Horizontal, Vertical Mirroring
  • Image taking
  • Fullscreen

8 responses to “Dashcam beta – updated

  1. Great, but in my Nexus 2012 model, I can’t record the video, and when I changed video setting to 1280 X 720 10fps MJPEG, it chrashed.

  2. It crushes with cynogenmod 4.4.4, nexus 7. Camera used is Logitech c920. Both playstore version and beta do not work now. It did work once, but stopped.

    • Can you give a few more details. I tested this on CM 11 nightly (4.4.4) with different cameras on a Nexus and did not have any problems so far. It could be due to the C920 as it has same fancy features that may not be supported and cause problems. I will look into it as soon as I get my hands on a C920

      • It is Nexus 7, 2013. An OTG cable is used with 2.1Amp power supply. Beta app from this website results a crush – a message”unfortnatelly, the application has stopped”. The App from playstore is loading. I can go to settings and select a resolution. In this stage the camera blue light is turned on, but I recieve no picture on the screen. It only worked once, when I first downloaded it. I had a look on the list of UVC supported cameras – and while C910 is there, C920 and C930 are not supported. http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/
        Will be great if you can help and add support to those models, as C920 and C930 have superior HD video quality as well as range. This is where the industry is going – we all want HD video feed to replace rear mirror http://www.gizmag.com/cadillac-video-rear-view-mirror/35302/

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