Vote for the next feature

This time you can decide which of the three following features will be added next to the modified SimpleWebcam App. The poll will run for about 2 weeks unless there is a clear winner in which case I’ll start working on the feature earlier.


So here are the results of the poll. Clear winner is video recording which will be the next feature being added!

Video recording 57.69%

Second camera 26.92%  

Selectable resolution of webcam video 15.38%  


7 responses to “Vote for the next feature

  1. Would be great to add car width static projection lines: useful for parking purposes when camera is used in rearview mode to center the vehicle into the parking gap (between cars or into a tight garage space). Adjusted after camera install to reflect actual car width and overimposed in rear view. Adjustment is simple – extend bars, measuring tape, or ropes along the sides to show up on rear view cam and just pick 4 points (2 right side and 2 left side) to memorise the coordinates. Recalibrate only if camera is readjusted or if the installation is ported to another vehicle.

  2. Hey Andrew, thank you for the idea. Depending on how many people want to have this feature it might be added sooner or later. Currently there are more basic features that need to be added though.

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for this great piece of software. It made me back to mac giver stuffs and other kernel compilations I haven’t done for years.
    I use it with MS Lifecam HD3000 and Logitech C920. They work like a charm.
    I’m trying to make them work at higher resolution by changing width and height without success. At 800×600, I get a scrumbled image. At 1280×720, application crash. I tested the c920 on my raspberry pi with uvccapture at this resolution with -m option for YUV, it was ok. If you haven’t time for it (video recording won the poll 😦 ), do you have any idea where I can look to make it working ?
    Thank you for maintaining this project !

  4. Hi Lucky,

    if you want to work on it I appreciate any help with features. The video recording takes a bit of time. I have ffmpeg integrated and am now fiddeling with image conversion.

    The video resolution has to be changed in at least two places. There is a #define in the c code under jni and there is a variable in the java code as well. I tried changing it in a quick attempt and failed. It may need a thorough look at the image allocation in the c code. If you feel up to the task drop me an email and we can create a branch in the GIT repository for this feature.

  5. Hi Droidperception,
    I finally made it work… But it was already working from the beginning.
    I correctly changed the size both in java and jni code, but only java one was modified. The .so was not compiled by eclipse on the fly, just the first time I opened the project.
    I compiled it manually with ndk, and it now works like a charm !
    I will add a nice button and a way to inject the value into jni process, as soon as I can display camera capabilities.

  6. Hey Lucky,

    sounds great. If you are working on the GIT repository already you could make a pull request once you are done. Otherwise you could also drop me a mail and I’d commit it to the repository so other people can benefit from you work, too.

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