New version with video flipping option

The modified simplewebcam app now has the capability to flip the video horizontal and vertically. The option can be found in the app menu. When the app is closed and reopened the last setting for the video image will be used. All versions of the modified simplewebcam app can now be found here .

10 responses to “New version with video flipping option

  1. Great features, i recommend for really nice option on next version. Resultion change, most of cams today support more than 640X480

    Any way, Thanks for great job.

  2. This application is working great in A510 with NoThrills ROM. But I have no image using CM10.1. I’ve check the config from /proc/config.gz and all config looks good.
    When plug the external camera a /dev/video0 is created
    When start application /dev/video0 is removed
    If press the take picture button a “No camera” message appears.
    When disconnect the cammera de tab stop responding and have to power down by pressing power button by several seconds.

    Do you have any hint to make this app work using CM10.1 ?
    Thanks in advace!

  3. great app ! I’ll be using it as a rearview camera as part of my nexus7-landcruiser project. one thing though… why can’t I display the picture on a wider scale (9:16) ? a big part of the screen is now just black… have the ability to locate and resize the picture from the camera, along with another few cameras, would be v e r y nice… thank you for your work !!!

  4. Nice Project I am searching similar solution for any cheap tab. I have rooted Micrmax Funbook p275 in hand. When i connect camera it shows in USB device info under linux tab. As USB 2 camera from sonix technology. I have executed all commands from first post.. And tried all 3 versions But no luck…Any work around ?

  5. How to port same project to another tab ? My tab shows linux kernal as 3.0.8+ linda@skyworthserver3 #52 Fri Sep 21 14:00:53 CST 2012
    And droid version 4.0.4 How to check v4l2 ?

  6. If it shows the usb device but not any further information that the uvc driver is loaded the port will require you to compile a custom kernel and create a custom rom with v4l and uvc for your camera enabled. Check dmesg and logcat to see if the uvc driver have been loaded.

  7. dmesg ouput
    ===No External Camera===
    [ 0.337439] Linux video capture interface: v2.00
    [ 5.834671] [CSI]V4L2 device registered as video0
    ==With external camera===
    [ 0.337439] Linux video capture interface: v2.00
    [ 5.834671] [CSI]V4L2 device registered as video0
    [ 742.242127] ————IRQ CONNECT————-
    [ 742.242148]
    [ 742.400227] [sw_hcd]: reset port.
    [ 742.460140] [sw_hcd]: reset port stopped.
    [ 742.520175] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device number 3 using sw_hcd_host0
    [ 742.520690] [sw_hcd]: reset port.
    [ 742.580139] [sw_hcd]: reset port stopped.
    [ 742.640305] [sw_hcd]: sw_hcd_h_disable, epnum = 0
    [ 742.640348] [sw_hcd]: sw_hcd_h_disable, epnum = 0
    [ 742.705248] usb 1-1: adding 1-1:1.0 (config #1, interface 0)
    [ 742.707034] usb 1-1: adding 1-1:1.1 (config #1, interface 1)
    What does this say ? Any link, tut ?

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