Snapping pictures with Webcam

The next update is out! This version has an additional button that lets you take pictures. Pictures will be saved in the sdcard folder in DCIM/simplewebcam .

Code is as always available in the bitbucket software repository.

The apk can be downloaded here

16 responses to “Snapping pictures with Webcam

      • I’m also interested in the addition of video recording and thought I might have a go myself. However, though I can build an installable apk using your source, when I try to open it on my Nexus 7 it fails. Are you using Eclipse to build?

      • Hello Dave,

        yes I am using the standard Android plugins in eclipse to build. How exactly is it failing ? Logcat should tell you what is wrong when you install it via eclipse.

  1. This is awesome! A general question. Why does the device need to be rooted for this to work? Canon and Nikon both have apps that allow the android tablet to act as a live view monitor, but do not require the device to be rooted, is it possible that that requirement could go away at some point?

  2. The Nikon and Canon apps use PTP which is a dedicated protocol for DSLRs to do all kinds of magic. It is natively supported by recent Android versions whereas webcams do have driver support but it is based on UVC which is very different. Later Android versions may add better support that doesn’t require the rooting to access the cam.

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  4. i have a galaxy note 2 and a veho microscope with ID
    i can find it here.
    it does not seem to work (i know the app was created for nexus 7 but was hoping just maybe.) when i plug in, the LED lights up, but no video feed to my screen.

    any advice?

    • Galaxy Note 2 is definitely capable to viewing a USB camera, however, a few things need to be changed to do so. 1st: root 2nd: new kernel needs to be built to include USB_Video_Class and possibly others(view readme). I believe the others are already configured to be enabled but check kernel configs on build anyway. 3rd: adjust source code supplied above to use /dev/video4. Good luck

  5. Excellent program. I am so impressed. Now here is the dumb question – How can I get the app to rotate when i rotate the tablet. I have installed my tablet in my car but I can not get it to flip. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

      • You should be able to remove android:screenOrientation=”landscape” from AndroidManifest.xml to get the program to rotate. Without adjusting the layout, it will probably shrink the camera view when in portrait mode. *not tested, just an idea*

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